Rome: Day Three

When we woke in Rome on Tuesday morning, our last day in the Eternal City, it was still pouring down rain! We were so glad that we had planned an indoor activity for the morning. We headed over to the Vatican Museum to see all sorts of cool religious art. Of course, the highlight of our visit was seeing the Sistine Chapel. The detail is amazing! I illegally snapped some pictures of the altar and ceiling. 

Another highlight of the Vatican Museum was getting to mail postcards to our families from the world's smallest city! After lunch, we were sufficiently tired of art for one day, so we met up with Kristin again, our friend from the Newman Center at Pitt. We were sad to see that the rain hadn't let up at all, because we'd planned to spend the afternoon walking around the city center, with Kristin as our tour guide. We decided to make the best of it and headed to the Spanish Steps. 

I was really excited to see the Spanish Steps because they play a role in my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, Roman Holiday. But they were actually the only thing in Rome that was smaller than I expected. Next, we headed to the Trevi Fountain. It was the biggest fountain we've ever seen!

Of course, we threw the obligatory coins into the fountain, in hopes that we'll return to Rome one day. Then, in celebration of Fat Tuesday, we had our second helping of gelato for the day. 


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